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Tanvi Deshpande

Hello! I’m Tanvi Deshpande, and I’m a senior at Irvington High School. Since a young age, I’ve been interested in math, and I’ve developed interests in pure math and CS. I’m a MathPath 2017 and SUMaC 2020 program II alumna, and I worked on our college-level pure math curriculum and website design. Outside of math, I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and social justice. Feel free to connect on Instagram or email if you have any questions about Primeri.

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Neil Shah

Hi! I'm Neil Shah and I'm a high school senior at Ann Sobrato High School in Morgan Hill, CA. I'm extremely passionate about math and have actively participated in math competitions now, qualifying for AIME 4 times in the process. I run a math contest for high schoolers called NICE ( and I work on Primeri's High School math curriculum, including running our AMC 10/12 Bootcamp in the winter of 2020. I'm also an alumni of SSP '21 (Summer Science Program) in Astrophysics. Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram at @neeiils if you have any questions!

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Ayush Raj

Hi! My name is Ayush Raj. I’m a high school sophomore in the Bay Area, and I’m very passionate about math and computer science! When I participated in math contests in elementary and middle school, I realized there was not much help around me to improve my problem-solving skills. To inspire the next generation of problem-solvers, I developed our curriculum for elementary school competitive math. I hope to excite students with the joys of problem-solving and hone their math skills.

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Imaad Rana

Hello! My name is Imaad Rana. I’m a junior at Trabuco Hills High School in Orange County. I’m very passionate about math and science - my STEM adventures have led me to participate in a rocketry competition with NASA. Along with this, I have participated in AMC 8 and Math and Chemistry Olympiads. I helped develop the curriculum for the elementary and middle school competitive math. My goal is to be able to spread my interest and joy for mathematics to everyone!

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Kevin Xu

Hey everyone, I am Kevin Xu, a senior at Homestead High. I absolutely love both the competitional and the theoretical aspect of math. In the competitional side, I am a 5-time AIME and a 3-time USA(J)MO qualifier, with also a perfect score on both the MOEMS and the AMC 8 and 2nd place in Calculus individuals in the 2020 BMT. I mainly write about theoretical subjects in math such as ring theory and equivalence, but also make AIME prep videos on the side. If you have any questions/concerns about the theoretical side of the website or on the videos, please let me know at

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Content Creators

People who have written articles for us will be featured below. Apply here to become a content creator!

Thank you to the following people for helping with teaching and content creation:

  • Dylan Yu
  • Raymond Feng
  • Brian Zhang
  • Kevin Wu
  • Chirag Samantaroy
  • Arnav Adhikari