Winter AMC Bootcamp

Primeri is excited to announce our winter break AMC 10/12 bootcamp! This 4-day camp is aimed at middle and high schoolers aiming to qualify for AIME for the first time through the AMC 10/12.

The bootcamp will consist of 6 hours of content per day, including live lectures and problem set sessions where students will work through exercises and we will answer questions. We will also provide students with about 20 handouts, consisting of lecture notes to supplement what is covered in the live classes, expansions on the class material, and exercises taken from past competitions at various levels (AMC 10, AMC 12, AIME). For examples of our handouts, please see

Our bootcamp team is comprised of students whose passion and love for mathematics has helped us excel at some of the highest levels in high school mathematics –

  • AIME, USAJMO, and USAMO Qualifiers
  • Part of teams that placed Top 10 at Berkeley Math Tournament and Stanford Math Tournament
  • Accepted into summer math programs like Stanford University Mathematics Camp, Ross Mathematics Camp, PROMYS, and more

Our bootcamp will be held 12/26-12/29. The fees are $49 if you sign up before December 15, and $69 afterward. This includes 24 hours total of instruction, 20 in-depth handouts that go beyond the live lectures, and recordings of live classes. 

You can sign up using this google form. If you have questions, feel free to email or join our discord. Also, please see the attached flyer for more details about the bootcamp. The topics list is here.