Write for us

If you’re interested in guest writing for our site, please fill out the Google form below with your tentative ideas for handouts or contact us using the ModMail bot on our Discord, and we’ll get back to you with more details about writing for us.

Here are some of our policies:

  • There is a two-step process to creating content for us. First, you contact us through ModMail or our form with the idea for a handout you have (you only have to do this if it’s your first time writing for us). Then, after it’s approved, we’ll give you more details and you can submit your handout for review.
  • 1-2 members of our team will do a quality check on your handout; we’ll edit your handout or make suggestions on what to change.
  • Once your handout has been edited, we’ll put it on the site and give you credit for it.
  • Note that we have the final say on all handouts, so there is no guarantee that something you write will end up on the site. However, all content passing our quality checks will be added.
  • It is recommended that you are at least a high schooler to write content. Other exceptional cases may be accepted, but there is no guarantee that we will allow you to write for us.